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The mighty Helvete from Mexico!!! Definitely one of my personal favorites from the mexican black metal-scene!!!
Apart of the fact, that these guys are seemingly extreme fans of the "13th Warrior" movie (great movie, yes! But partly just too many samples were used here!) thus the immense use of samples from that gem seems legit in some way, one should focus on their own creations above all! I've hardly heard nor seen any black metal force that held such a perfect balance between atmospheric parts and heroic/epic battlehymns without ending up in a cheesy way... "Warmasters" already demonstrated their strength and prepared the lands for the arrival of their second album "Lords of Victory" which got released 3 years later...

For sure, Lords of Victory is and will always be their ultimate masterpiece without a doubt, therefore "Warmasters" grants an interesting insight into their earlier days and demonstrate once again the huge step, which Helvete made since then till the release of Lords of Victory! Excellent work!!!

Official CD-Version by Azermedoth Recs.

***Mexico Import***


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