Malignant Defekatiön Fanzine - #1

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Holy shit... that's what all of us have been waiting for!!! Finally a killer new fanzine again which 1.) doesn't rip you off with crazy "wholesale prices" 2.) literally explodes by all the creativity and spirit of its editor "Mösh DeathKrush"!!! According to the introduction, this zine was created due to the urge of a real die hard-maniac to "do something during the corona lockdowns" (oh yeah baby!!!!!!!) and so... he came up with the true MALIGNANT DEFEKATIÖN zine! Killer name and killer content, too!!! Inside the real and killer cut'n'paste style of this zine, you'll find nice and interesting interviews with:

-Necrovomit Goat Terror

Furthermore, there's a special "horror-movie"-section inside (not the trendy shit ok?!) and several selected reviews and other killer stuff! Remember, the zine is A4-size so there's lots of stuff to read and discover! Finally I can only say that this zine is just the ultimate hammer to crush down your boredom AND even more a perfect example and demonstration of how you do NOT make yourself becoming a whimpy douche during a lockdown, as so many bands and "fans" did lately!!! MALIGNANT DEFEKATIÖN is the only way! Use the given time, get your ass up and stay productive!!! This fanzine (although this is the first issue so far - I hope for more!) has easily and already defeated most of the so called "established cult"-zines whose latest issues literally bored the shit out of me... want the real stuff? Then SUPPORT MALIGNANT DEKEFATIÖN and stop crying around!!!

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