Metal Horde Fanzine - #25

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The brand new issue no #25 of the UK-based traditional metal fanzine Metal Horde has finally arrived and fortunately, nothing has changed in its quality and nice, traditional layout (Those who got their previous issues know, what I'm talking about). This time delievering 64 pages with interviews of:

-Alastair Riddell
-Into the Tomb Zine(!!!)
-Marianas Rest
-Total Consumption
-Vomit Spell
-Vultures Vengeance (!!!)
-Dayal Patterson (Cult Never Dies)

And also many reviews of records and zines! Total respect to Editor Nuno for keeping the old spirit alive, especially during these days, where lots of new "fake" fanSINS are coming up and just trying to get your money while not even knowing, what the true essence and spirit is actually about... no compromises, no support for the false ones! Support the true Metal Horde Zine!!! 25 issues of tradition speak their own language!

***UK Import***

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