Morbosidad/Ungod - Manifestación del Anticristo Split LP + Poster

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It's been about damn time for such a killer release!!!! Blasphemous Art Prod. made it possible!!!
The german black metal pioneers UNGOD have sealed the pact with their long-time warcomrades of the mighty MORBOSIDAD!!! Both bands deliever 4 strikes of absolute armageddon, while focusing on their on traditions and strength (killer tracks - Ungod even plays a BAXAXAXA cover with "Traumatic" on vocals)! Thus this split became a very interesting one and by far not just another "random split with someone"... decisions were clear and intent! Eight hymns in total to summon the old spirits - eight hymns, to bring the false ones down to their knees!!! Fukk the modern times and hail the true forces of darkness!

Official LP-Version incl. Poster by Blasphemous Arts Prod.

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