Proscrito - Llagas Y Estigmas LP

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Heavy, hammering, crushing Death-Doom from the spanish pits!!!
Speaking about Proscrito, this one here is definitely NOT another 10000th copycat of already existing legends (otherwise I wouldn't have traded for copies, that's for sure)!!! The sound makes it real... no typical sunlight studio sound, no typical super fat production! Llagas y Estigmas has its very own crushing sound which matches perfectly with the heavy and brutal tunes of Proscito, which changes between heavy-slow and mid-tempo killers (partly even reminding on good old Hellhammer argghhh!) !!! Simply said, that's truely heavy stuff here and thus something more unique as well (heavy, not boring)!!! Comes on black vinyl (killer cover!) incl. Insert-sheet!

Official Release by DiscosMeCagoEnDios Recs.

***Spain Import***


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