Ancient Spirit Terror Fanzine - #6

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You have been warned...

The mighty Ancient Spirit Terror announced its return last year with issue #5 and presents his new and 6th strike now with absolute pride: Being one of the best Underground Metal Fanzines on this fukkin earth during these fukked up times (Black & Death Metal, the traditional extreme ones!!!), a huge step of improvement can be found in this issue regarding the (already great) questions, same as a new but still traditionally held layout (absolute Underground Madness) which catches the mystical aura of the interviewed ones in a perfect way:

-Mortuary Drape
-Nocturnal Breed (AN INTERVIEW YOU WON'T FORGET!!! By far one of the most radical ones I've ever read, ha!!!!)
-Moenen of Xezbeth
-Pentacle (fukkin long one!!!)
-The Chosen One
-Cemetery Fog
-Spectral Moon
-and many more!!! No Reviews this time, only in-depth interviews with many great photos and ads of killer UG distros/labels/zines!!! In total this zine (A4!!!) contains 104 pages of absolute metal mayhem!!!

This is the real shit that keeps the underground alive!!! Uncompromising, honest and real to the black bones!!! Ancient Spirit Terror ain't just a randomly chosen name for this zine... it's a true force and cenotaph for the old traditions of real underground metal radicalism!!! Fukk your lame-ass bullshit "mega-zines" who only scratch the surface for money, fame and trends... with the words of Heavy Steel Recs.: "True Maniacs have forged the Steel..." and so it is with Fanzines! Risen from the real, dirty and lethal Underground, for the real ones, only!!!! Hail & Support!!!

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