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Radical Black Metal Madness from the peruvian abyss!!!
To my surprise, this band already formed up in 2006 and delievered lots of killer demos and stuff since then!

"Fucked by Serpents" represents a compilation of their former creations, to grant an insight upon their magnificent black tunes of hatred and blasphemy!!!

Tracks 01-04: At Peace (EP, 2013)
Tracks 05-07: Extermination (Demo, 2007)
Tracks 08-12: Darkening All (Demo, 2010)
Tracks 13-14: Bonus (Rehearsal never released, 2009)

All in all a solid and great compilation-tape of a great peruvian underground black metal band, which surprisingly doesn't sound that extremely south american... (although I'd like that, too) this stuff has a more european touch, interested ones should grab a copy blindly and just focus on the killer artwork while listening to this tape!!!

Official Tape-Version by Total Darkness Propaganda!!! (Hails!!)

***Hungary Import***



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