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The blood upon the germanic fields of triumph is burning again!!!
Under the sign of "Hexenfluch" a new mystical force of radical black metal has risen from the very depths of germany.

Members of Pestnebel, Silerbach, Drudensang & Gjaldur have gathered to evoke the evil spirits of the past! Marching through different spheres, it's the diversity of strengths which each of the members have brought into Hexenfluch that made the songs raw and powerfull but always drenched with strong melody within. No endless "one-riff-repeating" bullshit... the perfect contra to all the uninspired "Darkthrone Rip-Off" bands of today! This debut-CD contains six majestic hyms of black magic and ancient darkness! Highly recommended...

Released on CD by the one and only true Astral Nightmare Prod.! Hail to thee...



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