Cthulhu Fanzine Anthology - Part 3 (7-9)

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The third part of the mighty Cthulhu Zine-Anthology!!!! (english written)
Being one of the most active fanzines of today, the Cthulhu Zine also became quickly an essential pillar of nowadays underground-scene by keeping the old cult and spirit alive! An unique writing-style is important, same as the ability to get the real secret shit from the ones we hail and that's where the mighty Cthulhu zine demonstrates its force!!!

This anthology-issue contains all interviews of the last 3 issues, which means:

-Caveman Cult
-Cemetery Lights
-Yoth Iria
-Putrid Invokation
-Funeral Nation
-Moloch Letalis
-And tons more...!!!

This monumental issue demonstrates once again, that true spirit can't be broken!!!
Support the Fanzine-Underground Legions or die in Fire!

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