Angelgoat - Primitive Goat Worship Tape

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The second strike of the serbian warmaster!!! PRIMITIVE GOAT WORSHIP - what you see is what you get!!! Anti-Christian Black Metal Radicalism to burn down thy hypocrite kingdom!!! To create something unique these days became a seemingly lost wisdom which only a very few still remember and are gifted with... and so is the mighty Angelgoat! This is the true sound of blackened steel, forged in the infernal flames of the true underground! And with all my respect towards Darkthrone (great band) but the damn worl doesn't need another 1000th DT-copycats by some washed up trend-suckers who simply don't understand the old spirit... THIS is the real and radical force of true Black Metal!!! So Fukk your trendy shit and hail the Goat!!!

Official Tape-Version by Morbid Chapel Recs.

***Poland Import***


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