Warfare Noise - Grinding Warheads 7"EP

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Raw and sinister Grindcore from the very depths of Finland!!!
That's some radical and truely brutal stuff in its most traditional sense, no nice bullshit or trendy crap "grindcore" with stupid "funny" lyrics of today (FUKK OFF!)! This is Warfare Noise!!!! The name says it all, ripping up your ass to the throat! This killer EP contains 15 tracks (in total almost 14 min), pressed on 7" black waxxx by the mighty ZOMBIE DANZ RECS.!!! (Yes, the one who also write the zine!)

Grindheads should get their filthy hands on a copy of these EPs... great stuff!!!

***Belgium Import***


A message to the stupid fukktard who wrote some bullshit on metal archives about this release: next time you should rather buy the record and check all details (only 4 tracks?!?!) before typing in some incorrect information about it just to get more "points" there! Idiot...

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