Bells of Acheron Fanzine - #4

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Finally it's here, the brand new issue of the mighty BELLS OF ACHERON ZINE!!! English written with 80 pages of pure underground madness!!! Oldschool styled Underground Fanzine till death from south american hell! Similar to the great Terozin Fanzine, the brutal and well done cut'n'paste style is simply amazing and catches perfectly the great aura of the interviewed hordes:

-Cemetary Urn
-Atomic Aggressor
-Belligerent Intent
-Cadaveric Incubator
-Extermination Angel
-The Evil
-Goat Semen
-In Nomine
-Mutilador Zine
-Osmose Prod.
-Putrid Offal
-Stone Demons
-Venemous Breath

It took a while till this issue was done but the wait was totally worth it! As you can see, Editor Jesus gathered the ultimate who-is-who of the underground in this issue and did very interesting (and not average and boring) questions, which make the reading of this issue truely exciting! You'll be possessed by the mysticism and magic of the mighty Bells of Acheron!! Hail! Only Underground Fanzines are real!!!

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