Pentacle - Spectre of the Eight Ropes Tape

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The mighty Pentacle, the one who truely kept his honor clean since the very first day!!!
It was crystal clear that Pentacle would deliever a killer record again but honestly, I haven't expected such a massive sledgehammer of ancient death like "Spectre of the eight Ropes"!!! "Age" is just a word... Pentacle still delievers the ultimate madness!!! No slowing down, no compromises, no running-out of ideas - the ancient feeling is eternal, guiding this outstanding band since forever and so is also their newest album!!! 31 years of raw experience, endless strength and true ancient death metal madness have left their scars and thus the new album easily keeps up with their former killer albums and sounds extremely "alive", Pentacle demonstrated once again who dominates the warfield of traditional Death Metal!!! Hail them!!!

Official Tape-Version by Darkness Shall Rise Prod.



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