Pazuzu/Morbid Perversion - Darkest Abominations Split-Tape

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Killer Split tape of the Underground Death-Doomers "PAZUZU" and the brazilian Black/Death Devastators "Morbid Perversion"!!! DARKEST ABOMINATIONS is simply said one of these classic underground split-tapes you'll worship straight from the first note!!! To make something clear right from the beginning: Pazuzu is no mid-tempo sleeping music - this shit rips your guts upside down by catching, murderous riffs and bone breaking hooks (and a damn freezing, eerie atmosphere)! Same as Morbid Perversion!!! The brazilian slaughter starts with a killer intro before leading the path into brutal chaos of burning wrath and morbid visions!!! Underground Madness till death!!!

Official Tape-Version by the mighty Fistbang Recs.!!!

***Greece Import***


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Versandgewicht: 80 g
Versandgewicht: 80 g
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