Cathartic - Ceremonial Resurrection Tape

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Destruktion Records proudly presents:

Traditional Death Metal at its best!!! Cathartic does, what others have brutally failed at: delievering real, traditional death metal without being another copycat or part of all the mediocre, mid-tempo lame-ass bands of today! The strength of Cathartic lies within their arrangements, their outstanding talent to create powerfull, atmospheric and radical death metal the old way... influences of Carnage/Dismember, Carcass, Edge of Sanity, early Amorphis, Bolt Thrower etc can be sensed here and especially the use of dark melodical parts within their morbid tunes creates this old feeling and mysticism of forgotten days once again!!! This is NOT the crappy bullshit of today like modern or technical moronism... we're talking about traditional, real Death Metal in its most classic sense!!! In the words of Martin Van Drunen: "This is true Death Metal you bastards!"

To spice the shit up, this fukker has been mastered by the one and only 'Dan Swanö' and truely this album deserved that one, magnificent, morbid, rotten, killer sound!!!

Official pro-done Tape-Version!!! First 50 copies are coming as a limited edition with O-Cardsleeve and logo sticker! Support the Underground or Fukk off from my distro!!!


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