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Destruktion Records proudly presents:

After the first demo and single comes finally the third of the storms: The powerfull first full-length "Nocturnal Onslaught"!!! 12 new tracks of raging black/thrash with a strong anti-social and rude street rock'n'roll influence, which takes the definition of absolute raw metal madness up to another level (especially these insane vocals)!!! Blasting on high speed, these guys leave no time to rest! A true neckbreaker of an album and a bloody essential for fans of the speed of Violent Force, the attitude and madness of Venom and the extremity of the true polish underground-scene!!! One of the most varying, ripping and energetic albums of this soon-ending decade!!! Remember my words...! (these are the same guys of Armagh, Ex-Bestiality, Vengeance etc... any more questions?!?!?!)

Official pro-done Tape Version incl. all lyrics and special cover! Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, only!!!
...and yes, this album is a huge evolutional step in literally every fukkin positive sense - not comparable to their previous material at all (nor to any bands style), because these guys have created a new level of insanity with "Nocturnal Onslaught"!!!


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