Necromaniac Fanzine - #11

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Necromaniac is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After several years of silence, things have finally changed for the better and  the mighty Necromaniac zine has finally returned!!! Instead of pulling up a stupid fan-page and leaving the maniacs waiting for months, the zine striked right from the first announced and hit the earth like a fukkin bomb!!! 166 pages (english written) of pure underground metal magic from the past and present!!! By the list of chosen bands for his interviews I'd dare to say that the wait for a new issue was absolutely worth it:

-Into Darkness
-Beyond Mortal Dreams
-Mark Sawickis
-Baneful Storm,
-Concrete Winds
-Crypts of Eternity zine
-Daemonic (US)
-Dead Congregation
-Drawn and Quartered
-Drew Elliott
-Force of Darkness
-Nor Prego,
-Oath of Cruelty
-Pentagram (Chile)
-Thulsa Doom
-Perdition Temple
-Profane Order
-Timo Ketola

Support the Underground! Support print-zines! Another bloody strike into the face of every fukktard who dares to say "Fanzines are dead"!!! They're not... but you'll be soon!!!!!!!

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