Lord Frimost/Black Misanthropy - Split Tape

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Two of the leading forces of radical underground black metal from south american hell!!!!
Defending the glory of traditional black metal, this split can be seen a pure dedication towards the real underground spirit!!! Both hordes deliever three raw hymns while each also created a special cover-track, too! (Lord Frimost: Judas Iscariot // Black Misanthropy: Ildjarn)... at this point I have to highlight especially the evolution of Lord Frimost!!!! The cover-band wasn't chosen randomly... mystical and real black metal in its most traditional form!!! No experiments, no fun, no trends and no damn modern bullshit!! Straight back to the ancient roots of glory and real spirit!!!

Officially released through Infernal Warlords own label 'Aniquilacion Satanica Prod.' (Lord Frimost). Due to the shitty pandemia, shipping from ecuador wasn't possible so a special deal has been made. This tape-version is officially licenced by A.S.P. to Destruktion Records, limited to 15 copies of hand-dubbed tapes (just as the original) with xeroxed cover and tape-label stickers! Underground Cult forever!!!


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