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When evil strikes again...!!!
The newest album of the mighty horde from Colombia marks already the fifth full-length and it's a total miracle to me how this band still keeps its tightness and gets even more creative and heavier on every record (same as Hirax!)! Witchtrap gains more and more strength with every year, literally received the "power from beyond", and their newest album "Evil Strikes Again" still takes no prisoners!!! Combining all trademarks and strengths of almost three decades (active since 1992), Witchtrap still delievers the true goods!!!! No slowing-down, No speed-limits, No compromises... Age means nothing here but experience and the growing hunger and lust for true evil metal madness! I was actually totally surprised when I heard "Trap the Witch" back then for the first time (that savage speed!) and the same magic has been evoked with "Evil Strikes Again" as well, but in its own way! No copy or repeat of last album ok?!... In total we got nine neckbreaking, hard-thrashing underground hymns on this masterpiece and it's highly recommended to "discover and understand" this album (yes, discover and understand you fukk!) ONLY in physical format!!! This is purest Witching Metal at its best! The lethal injection of traditional Heavy Metal between the black-thrashing chants is still the secret weapon of this outstanding band, same as their magnificent and honest sound!!! This is, how real metal has to sound like, this is how real metal has to be!!! Tight, raw, heavy!!! No fukkin reverb-overkills to hide your failing shit!! DEATH TO FALSE METAL!!! Hail the true Witchtrap!!!

This is the official CD-Version (incl. Mini-Poster inside!!!) by Dirty Sound Records! It took several months to get this package finally shipped over here (fukk off Corona - special thanks to Witchtrap!!!) so grab the chance to get your hand on this killer gem before they're gone, as I think that it won't be so easy to get copies in again with all this ongoing pandemia shit!!!

***Colombia Import***

And for those, who still doubt my words... get yourself a listen here (but still I do NOT recommend it, as nothing comes as close to the original feeling on physical format than the fukkin original!!!)



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