Hierophant's Descent - The Secret Doctrines of Unearthly Delights CD

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The first demo of the hellenic black metal beast "Hierophant's Descent" from 2011!!!
Demonstrating their great source of creativity, obscure atmosphere and fierce might, the five magical creations on this demo are almost like the musical vision of nightmarish black masses of obscure myths and histories! The ability to create such sinister compositions demands true devotion and spirit... the fact, that this demo got originally recorded and released in 2011 already shall be more than enough of a strong argument to make things clear, that the true metal spirit has never been bound to any decade (whether be it the 80s or 90s)! "The Secret Doctrines of Unearthly Delights"... the title says it all!!! Support or Die!!!

Official CD-Version by Frost & Fire Recs.

***Greece Import***


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