Crush the Cross Fanzine - #12

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Finally I've got some copies of this legendary underground fanzine from Brazil in stock (thanks Samir for the trade!!!): CRUSH THE CROSS!!! Upon 34 pages you'll find a killer constellation of interviews and many reviews, all done by the editor himself same as several contributors such as for example 'Cowboy' from Realm of Shades Zine/Nyte Light/Morbid Faith Newsletter!!! Digging deep within the black matter, you'll find killer interviews of:

-Witchcraft/Old Crucifix (Finland!!!!)
-Demonic Hate
-Demonized Legion
-Forgotten Path Zine

Also a special King Diamond-Live report + as already mentioned, lots of very detailed reviews and a list of important underground forces worldwide! The old cult is alive... fanzines are still raging and spreading!!! Support the Underground and CRUSH THE CROSS!!!

***Brazil Import***

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