Savage Necromancy/Genocidal Sodomy - Savage Genocide Split CD

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Mighty War-forces from the US and the kingdom of Siam!!!
Savage Necromancy and Genocidal Sodomy deliever a raw and merciless bastard-split of raw black/death metal in its true and purest essence!!!! I recommend this split to all those, who got tired and bored of all these new "retro-80s-poser"-bands (time and history are repeating again, he?!)... this is the answer to your unholy prayers!!!! Savage Necromancy (US) delievers three satanic gospels of extreme madness with a total killer sound and neckbreaking creations!!! Genocidal Sodomy (Thai) is the perfect war-ally from the south-east, although delievering just one single warchant, this one kills brutally!!!! Total armageddon!!!!! Highly recommended for fans of ZYGOATSIS, Blasphemy, Supremative, Impiety, Archgoat and Black Witchery!!

Official CD-Version Tenebrous Aberrations (special CD-Version, which I haven't seen like this before, you'll worship it!)

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