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Destruktion Records proudly presents the first official tape-version of the masterpiece "In my Domains" by the mexican black metal legend and pioneer 'AVZHIA'!!!

Through the years, Avzhia have always kept its true belief and spirit of radical black metal tyranny without any exceptions which finally resulted in their best album (an outstanding and unique force of ancient glory and spirit), which I even count into the most essential and outstanding black metal creations, forged within our new millenium. The third album "In my Domains" (2010) reflects the true spirit of traditional black metal and Avzhia to the very last detail and thus deserved a proper MC-Version (and hopefully a vinyl-version someday, too!). There's no doubt about the true attitude and spirit of the master and leading-force "Demogorgon" (Avzhia) and you'll hardly find another similar spirit in radicalism and traditional values!!! "In my Domains" strikes down all wormtongues, who claimed "black metal" to be dead after the 90s... true ancient spirits are immortal and timeless!!!

This official Tape-Release comes with an A5-Lyric-sheet and the first copies also incl. an exclusive badge!!!
Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies, only!

Only true Emperors survive!!!



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