Necrocarnation - Fragments of Dark Eternity Tape

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El Abismo Recs. & Destruktion Records proudly present the new mini-album "Fragments of Dark Eternity" by the re-awakened beast of NECROCARNATION!!!

Five unholy chants of south american metal darkness, obscure and raw as fukk!!! The dark and abyssal sound of Necrocarnation pulls you down to the very depths of hell and the edge of mental sanity! A special fact about the rebirth of Necrocarnation and its even stronger sound now is, that the leading force "Nocturnal Antichrist Warrior" (Infernal Curse!!!) recruited no other than the expulsed angel himself "Blacksnake Nadasdy" on the infernal hammers (Expulsed Angel; Temple of Adoration Zine) - thus the result of this unholy union became, what you'll face upon this tape: South American Blackened Death/Doom Madness in its most radical form!! No trends, No cocksucking, No bullshit!!! True Underground Legions are in command!!! Obey or Die!!!

South American Maniacs should get in contact with El Abismo Recs. (Chile) or the band directly, to save on expensive shipping-costs! Support your local death-dealers and keep the true cult alive!!!


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