Funeral Nation/Vomit of Doom - Insane Announcement 7" Split EP

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After almost 6 months of absolute brutal delays and tons of problems, it's finally been done!!!!!!!

Destruktion Records proudly presents this unholy alliance and malignant pact of the south american underground beast Vomit of Doom and the US death-thrash legend Funeral Nation!!! This exclusive split-release contains a specially chosen hymn of each band:

Vomit of Doom - Intro/Black Horses*
Funeral Nation - Maniac

*(taken from the upcoming new album!)

Although both hordes hail from different eras, the radical spirit and force is still the same - thus each band received its own version with different covers, layout and contents, which is limited to 250 hand-numbered copies each:

Funeral Nation Version:
-7" Black Vinyl
-Posterbag (red cover)
-An exclusive 4-page interview insert

Vomit of Doom Version:
-7" Black Vinyl
-Posterbag (black/white cover)

Due to the fact that it's seemingly not very common anymore to release many 7" Splits these days (???), this release should be seen and taken as a dedication, force of tradition and sign of resistance for the real underground-spirit and flame, which finally united both of these true underground metal legions on this piece of black waxxx!!! (Each copy comes in a protection-sleeve.)

Support the Underground - Keep the true cult alive!!!
Death to all trendies and show-off collectors!!! This Split is dedicated to all those, who remained loyal towards their beliefs, fire and spirit through all the years!


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