Eisenblatt Fanzine - #18

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The 18th and brand-new issue of germany's finest: EISENBLATT is finally back with a new and killer issue! The long wait was absolutely worth it!!! (WRITTEN IN GERMAN!!!)

I'm always greatful for every new issue and the existence of this killer zine, as the especially the interviews and ways of handling within this zine by editor-master Hendrik are literally full of unknown information, histories from the past and pure iron attitude!!! And also with this 18th issue he remained loyal to this beliefs and delievered an issue full of interviews with:

-Impending Doom
-Musical Massacre

And also lots of reviews and other nice specials (like the "Metal aus den Brüderländern" - a report-series about the metal-scenes/bands from the east-bloc). Printed upon 60 pages - once again: written in german, only!!!

Highly recommended for all german readers!!! No excuses this time... you're locked down at home anyway, so rather spend your time reading if you're not even able to use your time in any usefull way (especially musicians!) instead of crying around on your shitty fakebook profiles!!! ONLY PRINTED IS REAL - THE UNDERGROUND IS ALIVE!!!

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