Ezellohar - Distant Emerging Tape

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A true surprise hails once again from the finnish underground under the banners of EZELLOHAR!!!
Just by accident I came across this rather new band (thanks to Dark Ritual Recs.) and besides of the killer logo and artwork (which reminds me somehow on very old Dimmu Borgir during their best times), their 3 tracks should definitely be named as magical creations due to the masterfull combination of eerie and freezing darkness with great melodies, perfect use of decent synth and killer riffs!!! The first release and so to say debut-EP "Distant Emerging" already counts among my personal favorites for this year of shit and slays most of all the still hyped "new bands" - who literally all sound the same!!! True Underground Black Metal rises from the Underground only - and so is Ezellohar!!!

Official Tape-Version by Dark Ritual Recs.


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