Hellavenger - The Primordial Flame Tape (Adv. Promo 2021)

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Official advance promo-tape of the mighty HELLAVENGER - unleashing pure hell on earth!!!
Two new hymns of hellbreaking forces and satanic darkness, with an even stronger Bathory influence this time while still remaining original to their own force and spirit, which Hellavenger already demonstrated proudly upon the first demo! Raging with a full line-up now, the dark sound of Hellavenger gained a lethal overdose of radicalism and aggression which makes all your over hyped trendsuckers sound like the damn Bee Gees! This tape is one of the very best releases I've heard for a long time, besides of the unique and killer tunes, also because of its honesty and raging aggression within the created sound, which strikes everything down what this modern world stands for!!! Fukk your trends and face the real evil!!!!

True satanic underground metal till death!!!


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