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Cult-Split of the mexican Death Metal Beast PYPHOMGERTUM and the swedish Death Metal Horde DAWN!!!
Both bands presented their demos on this split:

"The Dark Light" 1994 (PYPHOMGERTUM)
Five morbid tunes (incl. intro/outro) of mexican Death Metal Obscurity - high class material has been created here under the banners of PYPHOMGERTUM!!! Heavy, sick and morbid DEATH METAL which granted Pyphomgertum the mighty name within the worldwide underground-scene as they deserve!!!

"Apparition" 1992 (DAWN)
4 Tracks, with a slight melodical influence without being cheesy shit at all! Traditional Death Metal with some typical swedish elements, which doesn't make you feel like "heard a thousand times before"!! A perfect counterpart to the sick sound of Pyphomgertum! Also no typical sunlight-studio sound here, which makes everything even better arghh!!!

Cult-Bands yes or no... who the fukk cares and who ever said, that it makes a band better at all?! Many here have propably never heard about Pyphomgertum or Dawn before but if there's something like a "cult-thing" to be named as, I'd give it to record like this mighty split, as each group's tunes are fukkin' sick, merciless and guided with a special ancient aura, which I've felt very very very rarely (especially with your so called "cult bands" records, ok?!)... So do yourself a favor: check up this killer split, destroy the ignorance and support those, who truely deserve it as well!!!

Official CD-Version by the mighty American Line Prod.!!!

***Mexico Import***



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