Incubus Magazine - #1

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True Black Metal Magazine from the teutonic fields of triumph!!!

The first issue of the new underground black metal magazine "INCUBUS" from Germany!!! (Astral Nightmare Prod.)
On 84 black/white pages (A4 size!), you'll find tons of interviews with the real masters and defenders of the black metal underground - the merciless legions, who have gathered under the banners of Astral Nightmare Productions (one of the very few killer BM-labels these days). Honest and straight interviews without any trendy shit have been done with:

-Necromonarchia Daemonum
-Mythic Dawn
-Dark Endless
-Ancient Hatred
-Peste Umbrarum
-Adversus Semita
...and lots of reviews and some special articles! The content has been written mainly in german, but also in english (all interviews have been kept in their original language). This zine contains also lots of killer promo-ads from different underground-labels, who are all worth the support and grant a special "old" feeling to it, which matches perfectly with the spirit of the editor, label and zine itself!!! No self-aggrandisement, no cocksucking and no fukkin trends!!! Obey to the mighty INCUBUS!!!

Support the Underground or die in eternal fire!!!

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