Bestial Desecration Fanzine - Magnus Special (Part #2) + Poster

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It took me much longer than expected to publish the second part, but here it is finally!!!
This is the second and final part of the interview, which was held during a time period of 8 months as a 'piece by piece' interview - the first part was included in the LP-Release of 'Scarlet Slaughterer' (Die Hard Edition)!!!

The second part (1990-2019) of the in-depth interview with Rob Bandit (Magnus). Focusing on the time-period of 1990 - 2019, this interview-part carves even deeper into the private history of Rob/Magnus and grants a very unique and honest insight into his life, the struggles, the depression and especially decisions & influences as a musician and beyond, after the sudden impact of "success" for Magnus - which almost led the band to their final death... but also to a strong resurrection and preservation of the inner flame!!!

The whole interview (especially this part of it) was one of the most intense, bloody honest and personal conversations I've ever had and I do highly recommend this interview to all the Magnus Maniacs out there in order to see and understand the complete magnificence, power and honesty of this unique band! This interview should be taken and also understood as a sign of respect and gift from the band towards the fans, as at least I can't remember any other band that ever spoke so honest about their thoughts, ups and downs and' stories behind' in such an honest way instead of denying everything from the past just to look "better"... you know what I mean! If a band like Magnus speaks out their appreciation towards their fans, they truely mean it honest... and so was the interview of Rob as well!!!

20 pages in A4-size, full-colour printed with lots of rare and unpublished photos... including a double-sided A3 Poster!!!! Limited to 100x copies, only!


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