Ossuaire - Mortes Fables Tape

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The one and only full-length of this french Death Metal horde, which unfortunately already split up a few years ago... Nonetheless, Nihilistic Holocaust from France resurrected this album on tape now finally and once again I'm pretty much surprised about the high standard, which all the french underground death metal bands have these days!!!

Ossuaire delievered a solid album, which doesn't contain the typical "fat scandinavian sound" - they have a typical french death metal sound, so to say! Hard to explain, but at least to me this kind of sound and style which Ossuaire followed and worshipped, became something typical french which I personally hail till death!!!

Different variations and interesting structures within the tracks are definitely remarkable elements of Ossuaire and a more than welcome alternative to all the other death metal copycats, who seemingly only know Entombed and Bolt Thrower... Death Metal Lunatics, this one's for you!!!

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