Holocausto War Metal/Obsessed - Split CD

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The warmachine never rests... Since the mighty beast of Holocausto War Metal has returned, the engine of the warmachine has never been put to rest for a single moment, so they just delievered another killer split again, which will hit you straight between the eyes like a machinegun kiss!!!

Both bands deliever an equal heavy assault of six battle hymns!!! Holocausto W.M. does, what H.W.M. does: Raoring, uncompromising War Metal - leading the troops straight back to the starting point, preaching and practicising the old and traditional forms of war metal without any lack of furious power and determination! Obsessed strikes in the classic death-thrashing manner with 4 studio-tracks and 2 rehearsal assaults, which grant a strong counterpart on this magnificent split-release!!! The Underground Metal Spirit is eternal!!!!

Official CD-Version by WarCore Recs.

***Brazil Import***


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