Anal Vomit - Graveless Dead 7" EP

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Black-Death Terror Assault from Peruvian Hell, SOUTH AMERICA!!!!

The mighty ANAL VOMIT strikes back with their new EP "Graveless Dead", uncompromising as always and cutting straight through your rotten flesh, these 4 new tracks will blast your fukkin corpse to pieces!!! Terrorizing the world for almost three decades already, the terror never ends!!! Machinegun-Blastbeasts, Warscreams and brutal shreds of hate - the brutal south american way!!! This is the savage and true face of real underground extreme metal madness in its most traditional form!!! It won't get sicker than this, period!!! Hail the peruvian underground hordes!!!

Official EP, pressed on black waxxx by Blasphemous Arts Prod.! Comes incl. Poster!!!!

***Italy Import***



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