BHell/Lou Cyfer - Nationunderground Forces Split-CD

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Death Metal Forces of Belo Horizonte!!!
BHell is a rather newer band of the extreme underground legions from Minas Gerais (consisting of members from Holocausto WM, Colt45, etc) who sealed a mighty pact with the oldschool death metal warmachine Lou Cyfer (active since 1989 and still lusting for blood and madness!!!)!!! Both bands deliever their very own radical form and sound of true brazilian underground death chants, merciless and heavy - different from the typical "heard a thousand-times before"-bands of today!!!

The Split contains 10 tracks + special bonus track (Jam-Session for "Violent Legacy" feat. Lord Hades of Ad Baculum/Ex-Mystifier!)

Official CD-Version by WarCore Recs.

***Brazil Import***


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