Eternal Dirge - Morbus Ascendit Tape

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German Death Metal Massmurder Attack since 1986!!!
Thanks to Roots Active Prod., the magnificent debut-album "Morbus Ascendit" from 1992 has been resurrected on tape again (as music was meant to be heard and not "collected" by rich/greedy bastards!). This album and band was a completely stranger to me honestly till I gave them a listen (thanks Preechanont!)! Sick Death Metal with a slight technical-edge in the old sense (Morbid Angel), with extreme variations (trademark GERMAN QUALITY DEATH METAL!)  and a very own sound, which fortunately didn't try to copy sunlight studio! (Only the original is original... it matters for both sides!)

Eternal Dirge delievered a fukkin killer debut here and deserved much more attention for it in my opinion. And for all those who are tired of uninspired newer bands who seemingly only focus on "the right sound" instead of "the right songs": Here's a killer from the past, to blast the rust out your ears... Fear the Crawling Chaos!!!

Official Tape-Version by Roots Active Prod.

***Thailand Import***


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