Cthulhu Fanzine - #13

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Better late than never... finally I was able to print some copies of issue #13!!! So for all those who asked me about it all the time: Here you are!!!!!!!!!!!

Fukkin issue #13 of the mighty Cthulhu Fanzine from Brazil keeps the old tradition alive and also his own high standard!!! Besides of being one of the most regulary published zines, I consider this zine also as an important source of information for the underground... Editor Helson is a fukkin machine and never failed with his interviews!!! (All Hail!)

Issue #13 contains killer interviews again, this time with:
-Bestial War
-Holocausto War Metal
-Sepultura (JAIRO TORMENTOR!!!)
-Special Articles
-Selected Reviews...

This issue is once again a fukkin highlight and thus highly recommended for all those, who are STILL ABLE TO READ COMPLETE PHRASES AND WORDS from paper instead of shortcuts from your damn smartphone!!! THIS IS THE REAL FIRE OF THE UNDERGROUND POSER HOLOCAUST!! Only printed is real!!!

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