Cthulhu Fanzine - #14

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Issue #14 has grown up to 60 pages this time... and there's a strict reason for that, as you can see on the high amount of interviews and content, which once again and as always, hit straight between your guts... total armageddon awaits under the banner of DEATH METAL MADNESS:

-Burial Temple
-Embalmed Souls (brutally long interview!!)
-Garden of Eyes
-Nekro Drunkz
-and finally, lots of selected and sick DM reviews!!!

Whenever I thought that Editor 'Helson' has just published his best work, he always delievers another sick work of total dedication and metal fanatism... and same happened with issue #14! Most people I asked to start their own zine told me, that it's "too difficult for them"... man, this guy here shoots out one issue after another like a machinegun, so what's the problem?! (exactly... your laziness)! Till then, rather put an eye on those, who truely dedicated their whole life to the underground such as Helson and Cthulhu - instead of worshipping the same casted rockstar faggs and hype-hoes, who actually never-ever did anything of significance for the REAL underground! Acts - not words!!! Forever Underground... Spirit above all!!!

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