Schizophrenia - A2 Tribute Poster

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The third tribute Poster (I just can't get enough of old south american metal!) for the Troops of Doom... You've asked for it, so here we go!!!

A2 Poster, high quality print and available for a low price, as posters were meant to be fukkin posted on your walls, instead of waiting for the some light in an old, dusty box... Metal for Maniacs, pure!!! (Eat the rich, FUKK OFF EGAY RESELLERS!!!)

PS: Does anyone have the original "I.N.R.I." LP of the mighty Sarcófago (not the crappy re-issues) and could send me a scan of the cover (my CD-cover is way too small for it...)??? As I refuse (and simply said will never be able) to pay 300 bucks for the LP, I would appreciate your help in order to do, what I've wanted to do for too long already... printing a fukkin poster of that legendary cover for a low and fair price!!!... thanks a lot for your help!!

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