Shitangel - Demo XXX LP

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Radical Black/Death Terror from the US-Underground with strong influences of true south american madness!!!
"Demo XXX" marks the third apocalyptic strike and in my opinion their best release so far as well, raw and straight into your guts-hammering gospels of blasphemy with a radical brutal sound!!! Shitangel is the fukkin answer against all whimped out and shitty trend faggots upon this weakened earth - the emissary of the abyss, to drown your face in blood and excrements!!!

Highly recommended for south american metal fanatics like Anal Vomit, Goat Semen, Perverse Rites,  etc...!!! 

Official LP-Version by Drakkar Prod.!!! Comes incl. Insert-sheet! The LP is single-sided, which means the B-side is literally blank... (no idea why?!) but anyway, who cares... this Demo is a fukkin KILLER!!!

***France Import***



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