Nocturnal Hollow - Demonical Euphony 7"EP

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Sick, morbid Death Metal Madness from Venezuela!!!
Hailing from the very depths of fukkin Venezuela, Nocturnal Hollow deliever a damn solid and traditional piece of black waxxx with four gutsripping, heavy, death metal hymns with a fukkin powerfull but still deeply rooted underground sound, which reminds on the swedish sound but still remains a trademark of its own - killer!!!! The four chants are total neckbreakers - pure killers, no fillers and especially the lethal overdose of total metal worship and madness reigns brutally here! (Both members are also part of the new line-up for the mighty BAPHOMETH!!! Worth to be checked out and supported till death, much better than YOUR trendy bullshit!! And the same relates to Nocturnal Hollow!)

Official 7" Release incl. Sticker by KILL AGAIN RECORDS! Limited to 300 copies (hand-numbered).

***Brazil Import***



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