Behalf Fiend - The Analogical Evil CD

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Behalf Fiend is one of brazils oldest and most active Black Metal bands since the early 90s to this day and the constant evolution and rise of the power of the unmercyful and proud leader 'Fiend' has granted this band a very strong reputation of respect within the underground realms, thus this special compilation-CD has been created!!!

This compilation-CD contains seven chosen tracks from past releases:
Track 1 is an intro taken from a 1996 promo.
Tracks 2 and 6 taken from The Eternal Legacy of Behalf Fiend.
Track 3 taken from United by Satanic Pride.
Track 4 taken from The Evil Conquest World - The First Possession.
Tracks 5 and 6 taken from A Step to Chaos.
Track 7 taken from União Satânica - 1º ato

Traditional Black Metal in its purest form!!!!
100% ANTI-TREND!!! Hail the Choduus Brotherhood!!!

Official CD-Version by Rex Bagude Recs/Mecctesco Rex/Aniquilacion Satanica Prod and Magistellus Infernal Prod.!!!
***Mexico Import***


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