Satanic Alliance of the Possessed Sepulchral Necrogoat - Split CD

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The ultimate 4-way split of the current Black Thrashing Underground!!!
Four bands, four countries, one spirit and one aim: TOTAL, MERCILESS DEVASTATION!

Each band contributes with 3-5 mass destructors of black thrashing blasphemy and each one of them is a pure killer of its own! No copycats, no poser shit and no trendy suckers! All Hail to WOE for gathering all these sick hordes for this unique split-release!!! I recommend NOT to pre-listen to any band in advance in order to receive the purest and unpolished earmageddon, when blasting this killer for the first time through your halls! This is the true sound of the infernal Underground!

Official CD-Version by WOE
***Thailand Import***



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