Abruptus/Evil Carnage - Codex Mortuorum Split CD

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Sick Split-CD of the two mexican death metal slaughterers "Abruptus" & "Evil Carnage"!!!!
Both deliever four tracks (3 studio and one live track) of putrid death metal madness in the traditional, bloody vein! No trendy "cosmic/spacy-sound" shit, no hidden logos on the cover... always loyal to the roots of pure Death, this is the true grunting voice and force of evil death from the real Underground!!!

Solid Death Metal Darkness with the essence of the old and real mexican death metal masters!!!
Abruptus is one the strongest new hordes of the Underground, while Evil Carnage proved their strength once again (ex-members of the mighty Incubus/members of Equimantorn from Mexico! Hail!!!!) - now you know, where the evil force is rooted!!!

Official CD-Version by Dark Recollections Prod.!!!
***Mexico Import***



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