Chalice of Death Fanzine - #1

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A brand new fanzine from the swiss underground and the one, who I put a lot of hope into! Unlike "Grave Raids" (no more support for these guys!), C.o.D. does NOT follow the aim to to be so "anti-everything"! The message of this zine is clear: Creating a fanzine the way, the editors themselves would love to see and read - and that's what you get here! A mixed crew of maniac-editors have put all their effort into the first issue and I have to say, the result is pretty killer (content and layoutwise). This issue contains no reviews(!) but therefore several interesting interviews with:

-Hellvetic Frost
-Black Sputum
-Flames of Hell
-Megaton Sword
-BATHORY (rare one from the Hammerheart times!)
-Nephilim's Noose
-Deceased (a fukkin long and brutally honest one!!!)

Everything's written in english and printed on 60 pages of A4-size!!!
Total Support for true printed fanzines!!! Finally Switzerland came up again with a new underground fanzine and since I know at least a few of the editors personally I can assure you, that this zine is truely only aiming for the metal maniac spirit instead of self-profiling bullshit and empty promises! Keep the Cult alive - Posers will be crucified!!!

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