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The ultimate (hardcover) book, which guides the mighty MAGNUS through their history from the very first day till present!!! What "Monomaniax" are presenting here, is THE ultimate story... a fukkin sick collection of ultra rare photos (seriously, YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THESE!!!), flyers, posters are gathered in this book including tons of text-parts which were collected from all kinds of metal fanzines and mags from the past and present, to re-create the story of Magnus in the bands "very own way", so to say! Each of these killer books comes including 2x Photos, a Sticker, Poster and a special bonus-CD which contains many different interview-parts in polish (so I'm not sure if it's something new or old haha...)

The whole book is written in english, spanisch AND polish at the same time (three parts on each page!), so there's no excuse this time! BUY OR DIE!!! This book is purest dedication and honor for one of the most extreme and REAL metal bands of all times, the living legend which has finally returned for the ultimate Death Revolution... MAGNUS!!!

***Poland Import***


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