Suffering Sights - Existential Realism Tape + Button, Sticker

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Insane Death Metal Terror from Chile, South America!!!
This is definitely not the boring, typical and expected stuff of today... real Underground Death Metal Terror, with extremely strong influences from Possessed, Sinister, Morbid Angel and Benediction BUT with the huge difference, that S.S. uses a very own and different sound, which is not the big fat production of today which 99% of all other death metal bands (who tend into the same direction) are using! The sound is thinner, tighter, LETHAL (and that bass and drum sound!!!). No reverb madness or washed-up chaos... the sound is damn sick and matches perfectly with the fast-changing killer style of Suffering Sights!! Truely outstanding and addictive! Once you've passed the intro, you'll be pulled down straight into your endless grave of 1000 tormenting flames!! Highly recommended!!!

Official Tape-Version by Nekrassious Tapes! Each copy incl. Sticker & Button!!!
(Thanks a ton Matt!!!)

***France Import***



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