Anti-Cimex - The complete Demos Collection 1982 - 1983 LP

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The ultimate Demo-Collection of the scandinavian Jawbreaker... ANTI-CIMEX!!!!
Gathering all their Demo-Material from 1982 - 1983, you'll get the totally lethal overdose of classic hardcore/crust straight in your damn poser face!!!! Speaking about 29 traxxx in total, ok?!?!?! Taken from:

-K.A.A.S Januara 1982 Tape
-K.A.A.S April 1982 Tape
-En Produkt Av Dagens Skitsamhälle Tape
-Session Recordings from late 1982 and 1983

Sick-ass release, pressed on black fukkin waxxx by AGIPUNK RECORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the real shit! Fukk off Fashion-Punks!

***Italy Import***



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