Dominio Infernal Fanzine - #2

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Killer second issue of the peruvian underground black/death metal fanzine DOMINIO INFERNAL!!!
Although the questions are more basic oriented, it still does, what a real zine should do: Deliver info and a good insight into the bands and that's what D.I. does! All bands gave quite long and detailed answers without boring the shit out of you by marching through the galaxy with endless stories of nonsense, ha! Besides of several nice reviews and a really killer layout(!!!!), you'll find some killer interviews with:

-Maze of Terror
-Lament Christ
-Evil Spectrum
-Sign of the Evil
-Paul Nunez (Editor of Manus Siniestra)
...further this issue contains several biographies (Tyrants, Teratos, Inclementor) and some special articles!!!

All in all a fukkin killer issue in my opinion, totally worshipping the south american metal fanzines!!!
(The Zine is written by Yachaq of Kay Pacha!!)

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