Tales of the Morbid Butchers Fanzine - #8

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It's big, fat (144 pages) and full of interviews, stories, reviews, promo and what not!!!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately I can't tell too much about the content itself, as everything was written in hungarian haha, but the texts are long and the layout is deadly lethal! So if anyone of you can read hungarian, go ahead and tell me about it!! All I can say is, that editor Attila is a fukkin killer maniac and totally into it, so I'm sure this zine does NOT disappoint at all!!!

Interviews can be found with:
-Abhorrent Funeral
-Black Hosts
-Casket Grinder
-Damage Case
-Deprived of Salvation
-Fanatic Attack
-Hate them All
-Hell's Coronation
-Infernal Warlord
-Mephitic Grave
-Molis Sepulcrum
-Sanguinary Misanthropia
-Triumphant Cadaver

Arghhh a fukkin big list of many many killer hordes, of which you should know a few already!!!!
Killer issue, so if you're able to read hungarian, you're on the lucky side with this one!!

***Hungary Import***

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